Good Food


Capstone: Good Food

Good Food is an initiative aiming to create awareness regarding healthy nutrition targeting the elementary student community in the city of Newark, especially grades 4th to 6th. The goal is to connect children to healthy food and help them make more educated decisions about what, and how, they eat. This project covers two aspects: understanding and doing. First, the complex science behind healthy food including nutritional facts is presented in a simple and fun way through a series of info-graphic and interactive posters making it easy for the students to comprehend and therefore become more familiar with. Second, by using a more appealing and didactic approach, and always working in conjunction with the school’s food program, Good Food wants to empower the kids to produce real change by involving them in the process of making healthy food. Therefore, this project provides recipes designed for workshops to teach the students how to cook healthy food. The process is completed with the integration of a game where students are engaged in an activity that rewards those who eat healthy.


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